Recognition for Janesville




      • New York Times: “[M]oving and magnificently well-researched.” Read full book review »
      • The Washington Post: “Goldstein… offers us a poignant, fugue-like account…[A] gripping account of the GM layoff, the real loss it caused and the victims’ heroic resilience in adapting to that loss.” Read full book review »
      • The New Yorker: “Janesville is haunting in part because it’s a success story.” Read full book review »
      • The Wall Street Journal: “energetically reported and sympathetically narrated.” Read full book review »
      • The Boston Globe: “Janesville is a town like countless others, and this book offers a useful cautionary tale for public officials, sociologists, economists, and engaged citizens alike.” Read full book review »
      • Philadelphia Inquirer: “a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the economy of the Rust Belt – and its implications for America’s once-proud middle class.” Read full book review »
      • Commentary: “a raw, beautiful story, one that sheds needed light on a country searching for some pathway to the future.” Read full book review »
      • Kirkus: “A simultaneously enlightening and disturbing look at working-class lives in America’s heartland.” Read full book review »
      • Library Journal: “[D]eeply humane and deeply disturbing, timely and essential.” Read full book review »
      • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “While it highlights many moments of resilience and acts of compassion, Amy Goldstein’s ‘Janesville: An American Story’ also has a tragic feel. It depicts the noble striving of men and women against overpowering forces — in this case, economic ones.” Read full book review »
      • Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Goldstein portrays the ups and downs of [Paul Ryan] in Janesville and Washington with great acuity. The stars of the book are the less famous folks…[JANESVILLE] never loses its zip. Along the way, [Goldstein] shatters a lot of conventional wisdom.” Read full book review »

Excerpt in The Washington Post


Translated into: French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian