Samples of Amy Goldstein’s work in The Washington Post

These two pieces were part of The Washington Post’s coverage of 9/11 that won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. Amy wrote the stories and was the leader in a group of Post reporters that researched each one:

• Hijackers Led Core Group: Suspects Left Trail of Movement in U.S. Through Licenses, Rentals

• A Deliberate Strategy of Disruption: Massive, Secretive Detention Effort Aimed Mainly at Preventing More Terror

This series on the medical treatment of immigrants detained by the federal government, with Post colleague Dana Priest, was a finalist for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting: Careless Detention

• System of Neglect

• In Custody, In Pain

• Suicides Point to Gaps in Treatment

• Some Detainees are Drugged for Deportation

Health-care policy stories:

• After Health-Care Missteps, a Chastened Clinton

• Kentucky’s Newly Insured Worry About Their Health Under a New Governor

• How a start-up failed to launch

From Supreme Court nomination coverage:

• For Merrick Garland, a Methodical Life of Ambition

• A Steady Rise, Punctuated by Doubts; In Sotomayor, an Insider’s Achievements Meet an Outsider’s Insecurities

Other social policy stories:

• Missing more than a meal; Child hunger, called the ‘silent epidemic,’ is an increasingly complex problem

• More Need, Less Help; As South Carolina’s job losses mount, agencies and charities are stymied by budget cuts and politics.

• Welfare Changes A Burden To States; Work Rules Also Threaten Study, Health Programs

• Bush Forces a Shift In Regulatory Thrust; OSHA Made More Business-Friendly